How to Keep Your Teeth White After Whitening Treatment

How to Keep Your Teeth White After Whitening Treatment

If you've had professional teeth whitening done, you’ll want to keep your smile looking bright. Here are a few tips from our Richmond dentists on how to keep your teeth white after having whitening treatment.

Brush & Floss Thoroughly

After a teeth whitening treatment, good oral hygiene routine will help you to remove surface stains and keep stains from setting into your teeth. Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day is key to keeping your teeth white.

Try timing yourself as you brush to be sure that your teeth are thoroughly clean. Gently brush all four quadrants of your mouth for 30 seconds each, and don’t stop until you have completed two full minutes of brushing.

You may find that an electric toothbrush with a round, rotating head is be helpful with this process. In fact, some electric toothbrushes even come with built in timers to let you know when the two minutes is up. You might be surprised at just how long two minutes actually is if you have been estimating up until now.

Avoid Dark-Coloured Foods and Drinks

Over time, dark pigmented foods or drinks can cause tooth discolouration. If your goal is to avoid staining your teeth it's a good idea consume coffee, tea, dark berries and curry only in moderation.

    Quit Smoking

    Smoking can discolour teeth like nothing else, turning them yellow or even brown over time. If you want to keep your smile sparkling white, it's time to toss those smokes in the trash!

    Occasional Touch Ups

    The effects of your whitening treatment may wear off a bit over time. If this happens to you, then it might be time for a touch up. Just re-use the whitening trays you already have, and order some more of the whitening solution from your dentist.

    If you have more questions about keeping your smile looking bright contact our Richmond dentists today to learn more.

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