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Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign | Saba Road Dental Center | Richmond Dentist

For teenagers and their developing smiles, our Richmond dentists offer specially designed Invisalign® for teens clear aligners.

Clear Aligners Designed for Teens

Invisalign for teens gives you the same clear, removable plastic aligners as treatment for adults, but with additional features to help make the orthodontic process easier and more flexible for active teens. 

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Invisalign for Teens | Saba Road Dental Center | Richmond Dentist

Features of Invisalign for Teens

To help make the orthodontic treatment process easier, Invisalign clear aligners for teens include the following features.

  • Compliance Indicators

    Invisalign for teens includes small blue dots that disappear after the aligners have been worn for the full two-week period. Compliance indicators help teens keep their orthodontic treatment on schedule.

  • Stageable Eruption Tabs

    Invisalign for teens has stageable eruption tabs which provide space to allow second molars to grow in. Stageable Eruption Tabs help prevent molars from growing in crooked or in the wrong spot.

  • Replacement Aligners

    Invisalign for teens also includes six sets of replacement clear custom aligners. Replacement aligners help reduce delays due to broken or lost aligners, and keep teen's Invisalign treatment on track.

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