Is Invisalign suitable for adults?

Is Invisalign suitable for adults?

Orthodontic treatment isn't just for children and teens! Anyone with healthy teeth and gums can straighten their teeth. Today our Richmond dentists explain why Invisalign is an ideal way for adults to straighten their smile

Once upon a time it was unusual for adults to undergo orthodontic treatment. Many people believed that braces were only for kids. Today, thanks in part to Invisalign's clear orthodontic aligners, more adults are choosing to improve the appearance and function of their smile by correcting misalignment issues left untreated when they were younger.

When traditional metal braces were the only orthodontic treatment available, many adults would have felt too self-conscious to straighten their teeth. Metal braces just aren't compatible with the professional appearance that adults want to maintain in their work and personal lives.

But with Invisalign clear orthodontic aligners, you can correct many misalignment issues with hardly anyone knowing. Invisalign straightens teeth using a system of almost invisible aligners that are made from thin clear plastic. Allowing adults to straighten their teeth without worrying about what others might think.

Invisalign has been designed to discreetly guide your teeth into the desired positions through a series of aligners. Each aligner in your treatment series is custom made for your unique smile.

Not only can adults straighten their teeth without others noticing, there are no dietary restrictions with Invisalign! Your clear Invisalign aligners are removable. That means you can enjoy all of the foods you love without worrying about damaging your braces. Whether you're at an important business lunch or on a date, you won't need to worry about what you'll be able to eat. When it's time to eat, just remove your aligners and store them in their handy case. When your done just step away to brush and floss your teeth, rinse the aligners, and pop them back in place. 

If you're ready to find out more about Invisalign for adults, contact your Richmond dentist to book a consultation today.

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