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Why would I need dentures?

More people need dentures than you might think. Today, our Richmond dentists describe the two different types of dentures available at Saba Road Dental Center, and share why you may need them in addition to how they can improve your oral health. 

What are dentures?

Our dentists can create these artificial teeth and gums, which are custom fit to your mouth to replace natural teeth that have been extracted or lost. Dentures match your existing teeth and are specifically designed to fit the shape of your mouth. 

How do I know if I need dentures?

Even if you've previously thought of dentures as options for only seniors or certain types of patients, dentists recommend them more often than you might think. 

If you maintain an exceptional oral hygiene routine and see your dentist for checkups on a regular basis, you may never need dentures. That said, if you have a history of dental issues and problems with your teeth, you may eventually require these restorations. 

Why would my dentist recommend dentures? 

One of the most important tasks in preserving oral health is to replace any missing teeth. If you are missing a single tooth, a few or all of your teeth, your dentist can help you choose between full or partial dentures. 

Partial Dentures

These are used to replace more than one or a few missing teeth. these are typically constructed using a combination of acrylic and metal. 

Full Dentures 

If you are missing all of your teeth in your top or bottom jaw, full dentures might be an option to replace the missing teeth. These may be combined with implants so that they fit your mouth more securely. 

How should I care for my dentures?

Like our natural teeth, artificial teeth can attract plaque and tartar, which leads to stains, discolouration and bad breath, in addition to issues with gum health. To avoid these and prevent plaque from spreading from your dentures to your natural teeth and gums, you'll need to clean your dentures daily. 

Looking to find out more about dentures at Saba Road Dental Center? Contact our Richmond dental office today to schedule a consultation.

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