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Dental Crowns

To repair fractured or badly decayed teeth, our dentists at Saba Road Dental Center in Richmond offer dental crowns.

Restore Your Smile with a Dental Crown

If a tooth is badly damaged, a dental crown can cover or 'cap' the tooth, restoring its strength and shape. Our dentists use dental crowns to repair teeth that are too damaged to be fixed by fillings. 

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How Crowns Work

Dental crowns cover damaged teeth and restore them to their original shape, size and colour. Crowns improve the strength, function and appearance of a broken tooth that may otherwise require extraction.

Crowns can also be used to attach a dental bridge, cover badly shaped or discoloured teeth, or prevent damage from increasing by holding a cracked tooth together.

Crowns are made of porcelain and are incredibly strong, which protects and strengthens the remaining tooth structure.

The Procedure

At least two dental appointments are typically needed to prepare a tooth for a dental crown to be placed.

At the first visit, your dentist will examine and prepare the tooth that is to be crowned and create an impression of the tooth so that the crown can be created. They will also place a temporary crown to protect until your custom crown is ready.

At the second visit, the temporary crown is removed by your dentist and the permanent custom-made crown is fixed in place.

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